#26: Try Paddle Boarding

I don’t know why, but sometimes I get an idea in my head about why a thing is the best ever before I know anything about it. The thing pops into my head, I know I will love it, it will be my favorite thing, and sometimes I become mildly obsessed.

Probably the best example of this is my fascination with yurts. I’ve never been IN a yurt, but from the moment I learned what a yurt was, I’ve been enamored by them. They’re so round and whimsical and cute!

Also, hedgehogs. They’re round and whimsical and cute, too, and one day in the last few months I decided that I needed a baby hedgehog. I have never seen a hedgehog in real life, and I have no idea what it would be like to care for a baby hedgehog, but they are my favorite thing.

I’ve done this with a lot of things that I’ve eventually tried and loved as much as I thought I would. I dreamed about Australia for years and years before I ever stepped foot in Sydney. I made my first quilt in my head 100 times before I finally purchased a sewing machine. I remember obsessing about model rocketry for a few years before I actually went to rocketry camp. (And, I better stop there before I expose myself as even more of a dork.)

Anyway, my point is that I’m quick to convince myself that something is awesome but slow to actually pull the trigger and try it out.

For the last several summers (3…4…5?) I’ve told myself that Paddle Boarding will be my favorite summer activity. I’ve researched the local places where I can rent a board. I’ve drooled over the boards at REI (that are way to expensive for me to buy without being sure that I like it).    It’s silly that I’ve never tried it, but that’s just how it goes with me. I know that I have some friends who are as curious as I am, so I think this is the summer.

And hopefully it will be the best thing ever.