Down to Business

What I care about:
Doing all the things on my list.

What I don’t care about:
Blogging about every little thing.
Finishing before I turn 30.

So here’s where I’m at. I’m extending my own self-declared deadline from my 30th birthday to my 31st birthday. Because it’s my list and I make the rules. I might blog about it a little. I might not. (Really, I’m not sure why I continue to write. For some reason it still holds the tiniest bit of importance to me.)

Anyway, here’s my finalized list. (Because I’m definitely not going to keep blogging to introduce things.)

1. Sing More. Join a Choir.
2. Travel to 5 States I’ve Never Visited.
3. Donate a Quilt to Lutheran World Relief.
4. Make a Quilt using High School and College T-Shirts.
5. Be a Snowboarder
6. Improve My Baking
7. Run a Half Marathon
8. Join a Women’s Hockey Team
9. Try 25 “New Things”
10. Improve My Knitting
11. Purchase (and learn how to use) an SLR Camera
12. Read 100  Books
13. Visit Holden Village with Jocelyn
14. Earn a Master’s Degree

15. Own the Beatles Discography on Vinyl
16. Water-Ski Barefoot
17. Finish My Master’s Thesis
18. Leave the Country
19. Go to NYC with Ty
20. Take a Pottery Class
21. Give
22. Read the Bible
23. Get a Tattoo
24. Make an Item of Clothing (and wear it in public)
25. Make 31 Things
26. Try Paddle Boarding
27. Find the best Pad Thai in Pittsburgh
28. Love Pittsburgh (Still trying to quantify this…)
29. Read Catch 22
30. Complete 500 Things In “2001 Things To Do Before You Die”

There it is! Wish me luck!