jane anger.

Have you met my old friends? I’m sure you have. That pit-in-your-stomach, “why didn’t I at least TRY” feeling of regret. That “why is her life so much more interesting than mine” feeling of jealousy. I’ve spent a lot of time with these guys, and I can’t say their company has ever been welcome.

So, I changed my name.

In my first week of college, I participated in a weekend-long camping trip with a dozen or so other freshmen. At the end of the weekend, one of the facilitators challenged us to chose an “old name” and a “new name.” Something we wanted to change in ourselves. My old name? Hesitant. My new name? Oh What The Heck!?

Hesitant didn’t try anything new. She was afraid she wasn’t good enough, or smart enough, or talented enough. She hesitated until her old friends showed up and made her feel bad about her missed opportunities.

Oh What The Heck is trying, at least. She is a dreamer and a list-maker. She’ll buy a book like “2001 Things to Do Before You Die,” enlist a few of her friends, and actually try to do it. It was Oh What The Heck that made this list, and is hoping that Hesitant doesn’t get in the way.

Oh What The Heck and Hesitant wear many different hats. I am a full-time School Counseling graduate student in the evenings, and I spend my days as a Career Counselor at my University, a Lutheran Youth Worker, and a counseling intern at a local high school. You’ll notice that my list has little-to-nothing to do with my career, because most of my energies go in that direction, already.

Who knows what I’ll learn from this adventure, if anything. Hopefully, if nothing else, it will be a fun ride. Join me! (I promise there will be baked goods.)