It has been a month since I’ve written, and PHEW what a month it has been! I have lots to write about, but it seems that when I’m busy getting things done, I’m not blogging as much. I think it’s safe to say that when I’m blogging a lot, I’m either bored or– more likely– procrastinating.

Anyway, I have a few big items to cross off of my list.

Let’s start with the most recent– state #4/5– California. Last week, I flew to the other coast with Ty and Ashlee to attend the wedding of one of our dearest oldest friends. On the last day of our trip, Ashlee asked me to name my top three highlights of the trip. I took a while to think about it, until Ashlee, growing impatient– and having clearly never taken a counseling class– rephrased the question 15 times before it turned into this: “in 40 years, what will you tell your android grandchildren about what california was like before it fell into the ocean?”
So, my dear android grandchildren, here are the photo highlights.
We’ll start with the view from our first hotel.
Ashlee’s only food request: Shabu-Shabu in Japantown.
We rode a cable car…
…to Chinatown!
This fortune cookie factory was kind of awesome.
We found Ty’s friend, Tobias!
Tobias showed us THIS…
Andrea’s Full House themed bachelorette party. Just kidding.
Bachelorette party vegan food truck. Definitely a first.
These knights came to protect Andrea’s dowery!
Sea Lions!
Then we drove across this bridge to Marin county for the wedding.
Can’t forget about Jerrold!
And we saw some big trees!
And, then, this happened!
Glowing bride.
Andrea and Jon got married at San Francisco Theological Seminary, which is one of the most beautiful venues I’ve ever seen.
Four of the original “choir kids.” But, something about this photo just isn’t right…
That’s more like it.
A foggy trip back over the bridge.
And, finally, Ty and Jonsey minutes before the waitress congratulated them on their recent marriage.