Cabin Fever

I have it.

I’m not trying to make excuses, but winter’s got me in a funk. I can’t get myself excited for anything; running, homework, quilting, blogging, cleaning the litter-box (sorry kitty), doing my laundry, starting my thesis…

It’s 12:30 on a Thursday Wednesday (see what I mean!), and I’m in my pajamas. Eating chips and salsa. It’s not pretty.

Even my near-elderly cat is looking at me like my laziness is disappointing him, and his standards are pretty low.

Has anyone figured out how to shake the funk? (Apologies to any disco group out there called “Shake the Funk.”) If I don’t find the cure (my apologies to The Cure, too, while I’m at it), it’s going to be a pathetic couple of months.


Thanks, E!

My buddy, E (whose blog you can find here), sent me this homemade “I Tried Something New” badge, so I don’t continue to steal Jaime Oliver’s.

E is also trying to do 25 new things, but he is going to try to do them all THIS YEAR. Good luck, E!