25. Make 31 Things (Worth Showing Others)

I like to make lots of things.



Teeny Tiny Paper Stars…

Before I’m thirty, I will make 31 things. (31 because it’s my birthday and 30 would be too obvious.)


I’m going to be 30 soon.

If anyone is still reading, you can tell that I’m feeling “meh” about our little bloggy, here. I’m still doing stuff– trying to cross off the items on my list before next May. (Even though though they don’t even number 30, yet.) I’ve just not been inspired to write about them, or anything for that matter.

I have had an eventful year. My life changed in a few pretty substantial ways… but if you know me, lone reader (and you do), you know about all that. So why bother writing? It seems redundant and maybe a little insincere to recount details of my life in this way.

But, I still have stuff to do, and I do still like the idea of blogging about it (even if the execution is pretty lame). So, I might be back around occasionally. After all, I’m going to be 30 soon.