Color Me Rad Pittsburgh

Someday I will pay attention to my long-neglected bloggy. Until that magical day, here are some pictures from the Color Me Rad 5K at the Washington Fairgrounds.

I’d call the Color Me Rad an “experience.” I’m not sure that it was *fun*– we sat in 2 hours of pre-race traffic; it was marketed as a race for all abilities but the course was incredibly hilly, so there were a lot of walkers (including myself at a few points) jammed into not a lot of space; the cornstarch got into my nose and my mouth and my lungs.

But, all told, I’m glad we did it. I was excited for Ashlee who ran this as her very first official 5K (we should do this more often)!! I was happy to get to run with Kayla (we should do this more often)! The free t-shirt is the nicest race shirt I own; it’s soft and fitted and not white.

I would probably even consider doing the race again, next year. Maybe with a medical mask or something.


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