ITSN 5/25

Tonight, Ty and I went on an adventure to the Pymatuning spillway. I’ve never been there, which is why I can include it in my 25 “new things,” but the real reason I’m blogging this adventure is because it was highly amusing to me.

It looks like a nice enough place, right? Blue skys. Water. Here’s a self-timered picture of us

The chain-link fence isn’t too picturesque, but when you see what’s behind it, maybe it will seem more necessary. Are you ready?



6 thoughts on “ITSN 5/25

  1. I can’t believe it was your first time! We went there for mothers day every year when I was growing up. I realize now that it was more for my enjoyment than my moms. I have photos of the gish every year but with no people in them so our family joke is, “here are the big ugly fish in 1988, here are the big ugly fish in 1989, here are the big ugly fish in…..” it is so gross that it is awesome!

    • Completely gross, and completely awesome. I keep bringing it up to people because I’ve never seen anything like it before!!

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