Keeping My Windows Clean

Last week, I solicited my friends to give me their favorite inspirational bits. The response was a pleasantly diverse mix of real inspiration, pump-up music, and a few things that just made me chuckle. Oh, and one that came in a message, and made me cry a little. (Maybe I’ll share that one another day.)

My friend, Kate, wins the award for the quote-that-got-me-thinking. Kate is a fellow lover of adventure and piercer of daith– and also founder of this non-profit. She sent me this:

“The most important part of vehicle maintenance is clean windows, so if you are broken down you will enjoy the beauty of the view. Also, ensure that electronic devices to play music are properly serviced. The more music you like the happier you will be.”

For almost a year, now, I’ve allowed this thesis project to be dead bugs and bird poop all over my perspective. It’s darkened my outlook, made me stressed, overwhelmed and generally unpleasant to be around. When I think about my thesis all I can see is red-tape and deadlines.

So, I’m cleaning my windows. Hopefully for the next two weeks, I can replace this overwhelming feeling of dread with a more helpful way of thinking. After all, this project couldn’t have been a more perfect combination of the things I love to do. And most importantly, the kids made beautiful memory blankets and were able to find some comfort by talking others who are going through the same miserable experiences.

And the paper is just a necessary evil.

And it will get done.


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