Oh my.

Since part of my life involves math now, studying for the GRE and all, I have realized that I have not posted in 132 days.  I’m sorry, especially to Jane, who is basically running this thing by herself.

So, begin update:

1. Travel goals: get out of this city at least once a month.

The past few months, I have definitely been able to accomplish this goal, mostly by taking a break from the Baltimore air and visiting people in DC. But, more recently, I have been able to go to Charlotte (the city of trees!) on the longest Megabus trip of my life.  If you’ve ever wondered, “Who are those people who get the $1 fares?”, you can wonder no more.  This one (you can’t see me pointing at myself, but I am right now).  So the 8-hour bus ride was worth it. I also traveled to the Raleigh area to spend some time on Bear Tooth Farm. Shameless plug: please like them on Facebook. Most recently, I traveled to Chicago to spend time downtown, and actually experience real Chicago pizza (which was awesome).

Unfortunately, on all of these trips, I forgot my camera and/or camera battery.  So, no cool pictures exist to document these travels. But they happened, trust me.

2. Take the GRE by the end of March.

Right after Christmas, I bought all the GRE materials I could justify, I briefly considered signing up for the classes (for about 2 seconds, until I realized that they cost the equivalent of 3.5 months of rent), and downloaded all of the materials I could find.  In the middle of January, I found myself in the library studying. I dedicated myself to index cards full of vocabulary words and Latin and Greek roots. But, every single time the GRE books would accidentally fall open to pages full of circles, Pythagorean theorems, y-axes, and charts, I would get nervous. A sweat would break out on across my forehand. I would frantically flip back to my colorful vocabulary cards, and feel at ease again. Because of my math procrastination (math-crastination, if you will), I missed my personal deadline of finishing up the GRE by the end of March.  But the time is coming (and now is) when I will take the GRE – hopefully before Memorial Day.  These circles can’t find their perimeters by themselves, you know.

3. Meet Wendell Berry.

So maybe this was originally “Meet Josh Groban”, but… Wendell Berry’s coming! Tomorrow! He’s coming!

4. Read 500 books by the time I’m 30.

Thank you, Hunger Games trilogy, for helping me knock out three more books.


2 thoughts on “Oh my.

  1. Oliver! How I’ve missed you! I’ve been meaning to tell you that the last book I read quoted Wendell Berry like it was going out of style (which I think it already has). I thought of you the whole time. Maybe you should read it. “The Year of Plenty.”

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