#23: Get a Tattoo

I don’t have “Go Skydiving” on my 30 before 30, so #23 might be the most typically quarter-life-crisis item on my list. I can assure you that I have been considering this for almost 5 years, and I think that’s more than long enough to classify it as a well-thought-out decision.

My commitment to the idea of having a tattoo comes in waves. Some days I can’t believe I haven’t taken the plunge already. Other times I remember that I’ve never dyed my hair and I’ve had the same haircut (it can hardly be called a “style”) for practically all of my young adult life. Appearance-altering isn’t exactly my thing– especially when it’s very permanent. Since sandal wearing season has prematurely begun (that should give you a clue about the placement of my tattoo), been thinking more and more about getting myself inked. (Inked?! I can’t even write that without feeling silly.)

I think this summer might be my time for a few reasons.

A few days ago I got a “save the date” from The Reverend kindly reminding me that June 22 will be the day that we will be celebrating our 10th Friendiversary. When would be a better time to get a tattoo than the 10th anniversary of knowing my most tattooed friend? I’m sure she’ll be ready to get another by then, too.

It is my understanding that jumping monumental hurtles is a good reason to get a tattoo. By June 22, I’ll have jumped a few. If I pray hard enough, and don’t screw up, I will be graduating in May. Then, on June 6, Ty and I will be running our first half-marathon. We’ve talked about possibly getting celebratory ink if we actually stick to this goal (no, not matching ink, thank-you-very-much).

Finally, I will leave you with a link to the accidental inspiration for many of my life-decisions (our lives are the SAME) who spontaneously got her nose pierced two weeks ago. If she can do it, well… (just kidding!)


One thought on “#23: Get a Tattoo

  1. hahaha! That is the best way to sum up our intertwined/ing lives… accidental inspiration. Now that you’ve caught up with the whole adulthood way of life, I’m the first to hop on board with your new trends: I’ve got the earrings, bracelet and tons of beads to prove it 🙂 However, let it be said that I’m NOT gonna follow you down the vibram finger shoe route. Tattoo…hmmm…I do have a BRILLIANT idea…

    Also, you and Joc have a Friendiversary? That’s adorable…and dorky…and sweet… and hilarious!

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