#22: Read the Bible

A Lutheran pastor once said to me: “(Members of another denomination) read the Bible but don’t understand it. Lutherans understand the Bible, but don’t read it.”

Admit it, Lutherans, it’s true. How many of us just sit down and read the Bible? To be fair, the lectionary gives us more during Sunday worship than the whims-of-whatever-point-the-pastor-is-trying-to-make (which is what churches who don’t use the lectionary get), but still.

I think I’ll be reading Eugene Peterson’s translation of the Bible, “The Message.” Say what you want, but it’s enjoyable. I actually like reading it. I’ve spent enough time being a student of the Bible. I earned my A’s in Old Testament, and New Testament, and Hermeneutics, and it made reading the Bible a chore, and I’m not really looking for another chore right now.

I’m also not doing this because I want to have any sort of artillery for fighting with people, because that’s not very nice.

But, it’s important that I read it. So, I’m gonna, and I’m going to like it.


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