How’s it going, 2012?

I don’t know about you, but I am SO confused about what month it is. On one hand, December and January blew right by me and I can’t believe it’s already February. On the other hand, it’s 50 degrees outside, so for all I know it could be March or April.

One month ago, I posted my 2012 list of stuff-to-get-done. You probably don’t give a crap, but to keep me accountable, I’ve decided to check-in with myself at the beginning of each month.

Take high schoolers to the ELCA National Youth Gathering in New Orleans.
We paid the registration deposit and fundraising is in full swing! By the way, do you want to buy a pizza kit?

Run the Pittsburgh half with Ty (and Oliver!!)
It’s more likely that we will be running this (closer and cheaper) half marathon on the bike trail in Oil City.

Make and send  my “Pay-It-Forward” crafts from 2011.
These are getting MADE, just not SENT. I am done with 3/5, but have only actually given one of them. Oh, and I signed up to do it again in 2012, so I guess that means I have done 3/10. Yikes. Here is the necklace I made for my Aussie roommate, Jenn. The charm is a fairy door which I thought had the perfect amount of whimsy for my artsy old friend.

Finish a “commissioned” t-shirt quilt for a friend.
I did a lot of work on this at our last quilting retreat. I keep getting stuck because I never buy enough fusible interfacing for the backs of the shirts. But, regardless, progress is being made.

Finish robots for my thesis “investors.”
I got three done at camp, so I only have one more left to make! Technically, I guess I made one robot and two munching monsters. (How cute are those monsters?!)

Finish quilting UFO quilt.
I called this the UFO (unfinished object) quilt because I didn’t want to give away that it was a housewarming present for my friend Ashlee who recently  bought a house. I really like this pattern, but was stymied by the actual quilting so it took me forever to finish the dang thing. Here is the finished product. (Mom made a nice one, too.)

Finish Anne of Green Gables series.
Last month I read three chapters. Maybe.

Finish my thesis
I’m happy to report that my committee approved my proposal and I will be submitting my project to the Institutional Review Board this Thursday. Once the almighty IRB says that I won’t be doing my participants any harm, I will be good to go! Finally.

Oh, and in approximately 45 minutes, I will have watched every episode of Bones available on Netflix. Go me. 


One thought on “How’s it going, 2012?

  1. CAN YOU BELIEVE SHE’s PREGGERS!?! Aack, I might have to rent the current season of DVDs as soon as they’re available instead of waiting for instant viewing!

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