Game On, or Game Over?

Welcome to “Game On, or Game Over” where I will document the most recent gastronomical adventures from the kitchen of the Ty. (Since he hasn’t been blogging it, himself…) This fall– as a result of some prodding from our friend Jake, and out of a desire to…umm… get to know his food a little better– my boy donned a bright orange hat and took to the woods with a license to kill.

And, he did kill one of these five critters. The others were shared experiences with our dear (deer?) friends, Jake and Julie. They grew the rooster and the quail. The groundhog, deer, and squirrel came from the wilderness.

Groundhog– When I lived at camp, I shared my mobile home (oooh yeaaaah) with a family of groundhogs. They lived on the ground-level and I lived on the “second floor.” We peacefully co-existed, and it never once crossed my mind that they could be dinner. But, alas, when you are invited to someone’s house for groundhog stew… you eat it. And, it was tasty stew, too. If I didn’t know better I would have guessed it was chicken meat. Nothing earth shattering, but… GAME ON.

Rooster– One of the ingredients in Coq Au Vin (rooster… is mushrooms. I cannot staaaaand mushrooms, but you know what, this was tasty. Good job, boys. GAME ON.

Deer– Okay. We’ve had deer in various forms: deer stir fry, deer liver, deer with lentils, deer steak. Each time, I was reminded  of the very first time I ate deer. I was in high school, maybe junior high, and I ate delicious deer at a friend’s house. At one point during the meal, someone inevitably said something about Bambi, to which my friend’s dad immediately replied: “If God didn’t want us to eat deer, he wouldn’t have made them out of meat!” I know that statement doesn’t hold up in all instances, BUT it cracks me up, AND I’m pretty sure when it comes to deer meat, God knew what was up. YUM. Except it gives me really bad gas. (Was that too much?) GAME ON.

Squirrel- This squirrel was Ty’s kill, so I ate him out of principal. (“If you kill it, you have to eat it.”) Thank you, squirrel, for your life, and I’m sorry that you had to die so that I could learn that I will never eat any of your family members. Blah. GAME OVER.

Quail- Quail was another in the “it tastes like chicken” category. Ty cooked them whole and we ate them with tasty tiny  potatoes and green beans. The meat was yummy, but picking it off the bone made it just slightly less appetizing for me. (Watching Bones at the same time probably didn’t help.) I’d eat it again, though. GAME ON.

What’s next? Are there any woodland critters I haven’t consumed?!


One thought on “Game On, or Game Over?

  1. You rock! I admit, I expected you to put up more of a fight over some of this… especially the ground hog! Granted, I’m fairly certain Jake and Ty could make sawdust taste fairly appetizing.

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