Hellooo, 2012!

Two posts in two days? I must be unemployed!

Over the last few weeks, two similarly-minded list-making friends and I have been “talking” (via Facebook messages) about our short term “bucket-lists”– as opposed to our long-term shared bucket list in the book “2001 Things to do Before You Die”– things we want to do, see, make, learn and consume in the next 2 months to 2 years.

In the spirit of a New Year, and with that conversation in mind, here are a few things I want/need to do in 2012. (Notice that I didn’t put “find a job” on this list, because that supersedes all lists.)

-Travel to San Francisco for Andrea and Jon’s wedding.
-Take high schoolers to the ELCA National Youth Gathering in New Orleans.
-Go to NYC with Ty! (And maybe stop by Long Beach Island to see The Rev.)

-Run the Pittsburgh half with Ty (and Oliver!!).
-Run a 5K in 30 minutes or less.
-Try Yoga. (Julie… interested?)
-Finally backpack somewhere with Ty. (Maybe hike all of the Gerard Trail at Oil Creek.)
-Make an attempt at a 500 mile summer… again.

-Make and send  my “Pay-It-Forward” crafts from 2011.
-Finish a “commissioned” t-shirt quilt for a friend.
-Sew a very over-due wedding quilt.
-Finish robots for my thesis…um…”investors.”
-Finish quilting UFO quilt.
-Finish Ty’s Advent calendar before Advent. (Sigh…)

-Finish Anne of Green Gables series.
-Read and study one photography book.
-Read Man’s Search for Meaning.
-Re-start (and finish!) Catch 22.
-Read and return The Last Child in the Woods.
-Catch-up on House.

-Finish my thesis well (and with a good attitude). Which leads to…
-Finally graduate with my Master’s degree.
-Take (and pass) the National Counselor’s Exam.

Well, I better get busy! What are your plans for 2012?


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