Bye-bye, 2011!

I should have done this yesterday, but in honor of the end of another year, here are 11 things I loved about ’11! (In completely random order.)

1. Ty’s 30th Birthday. The boy turned 30, so I surprised him with a room full of good food and good friends. (And cupcakes with his face on them!)

2. Weddings. Compared to the last few years– and the upcoming one– 2011 was a light year for us as far as weddings go. The two weddings we did enjoy in 2011 were lovely highlights of the year. Both were opportunities to catch up with dear old friends like these…

3. Spring Break. A week of volunteering in Mississippi was a great way to break the monotony of my spring semester, and to get me out of my own head and into a piece of the world in need. (Mardi Gras was fun, too.)

4. Deep Creek. One week at the lake with the family. Do I really need to say more?

5. Clam Bake. Eating tasty, tasty seafood from a hole in the backyard was definitely a fun first for me. Here we are trying to decide if it’s time to dig it up!

6. Holden Village. A plane, to a car, to a boat, to a bus, to Holden Village!

7. Engagement. We really need to get a picture of US and this thing…

8. Raegan. This baby showed up in 2011. With that face, how could she not be in my highlights? Someday, she will be my niece.

9. Josh Groban. This night was ridiculously awesome. We were SO CLOSE!

10. Camp. I estimate that I spent about a month of time at Lutherlyn in 2011. Two weeks of Rocketry camp and 3 weekends of quilting with my mom.

11. Girls on the Run. This is a wonderful program that I got the opportunity to volunteer with at my internship site. At the end of the program, the participants ran a 5K in downtown Pittsburgh. I got the chance to be a running buddy for one of the girls. I wasn’t comfortable posting a photo of a student, so here is a picture of Steely McBeam’s giant head, instead.


4 thoughts on “Bye-bye, 2011!

  1. I have that John Mayer tshirt! And your ring is wickedly awesome.
    Maybe you could put a little more Ethan in your 2012?

  2. It’s definitely been a good year for you…mostly because you chose to make it that way! Awesome post. Love you honey!

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