End War; Amplify Peace.

Love is pain. Love is joy. Love has many, many emotions in it, and whatever emotions you choose to target, you have to do it within your truth. Your voice is just a channel for that.  You just give it;  [you] give it and it leaves you, and it goes to somebody else. And that person can’t keep it. That person loves it and they pass it on. And it goes on and on and on – that’s why we’re here. That’s why we’re human beings; otherwise we wouldn’t be at all.

– Angelique Kidjo

Amplify Peace  is an amazing movement to promote peace in East and Central Africa.  They are working to  build radio stations throughout these areas to end violence, to encourage child soldiers to return home, and to inspire healing in war-torn nations.  It’s an amazing organization to know about, and you can even support it this week on Sevenly (makes a good Christmas gift, right?).

It also shows that one voice, one message, can actually make a difference and can bring healing to a community (and that’s not just a Before 30 goal).


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