25 Before…


(Someday, I’ll write about engagement things, but today I need to write about Christmas. Maybe because I don’t want to remind Oliver that she needs to begin the onslaught of wedding links and blogs…)

The reason I need to write about Christmas, today yesterday, is because today yesterday  is the day that people hang their Advent calendars– even though Advent technically started on Sunday. This year, I plan to have two Advent Calendars. One that I made with my Sunday school kiddos, and one that I am sewing for Ty. (Though, at the speed I’m moving, he’ll be lucky if he gets the twelve days of Christmas.)

I wanted to tell you about these calendars– albeit late– because I want you to play along at home.

This is the second year in Sunday School where we have made Advent “Giving” Calendars– as opposed to Advent “pigging-out-on-chocolate” Calendars. For each day, the kids wrote something they could do or give to someone else. Walk the dog. Make my bed without mom asking. Be nice to my sister. Make a new friend in school. I have no idea how many of the kids followed through, last year, but I really appreciated the reminder to be intentional about giving a little extra to others this time of year.

Here’s mine… isn’t it pretty? Scrapbook paper, staples, and sharpies never looked so good. Sorry about the photo quality. It’s from my phone. You get the picture.

I’ll post one of Ty’s if I ever finish it…

What do you do to make Advent special?


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