Visit all of the continental U.S.

A few weeks ago, I was in Spokane, WA for work. We flew in, and I immediately went to run around the Spokane waterfalls. I stopped by the falls to get a better look, and the reality hit me: I’m in Washington state.  I’d never been to Washington before!!

I then returned to the hotel and shared my goal with my coworker: I want to visit the entire continental U.S. before I’m 30. After ridiculing my goal for about 5 minutes (and my laziness for not wanting to go to Alaska or Hawaii – it’s not laziness, really, it’s called being pragmatic about this 30 before 30 thing), he said, “You know we’re, like, 20 minutes from Idaho, right?”


No I didn’t know that. And, yes, if we have time, I would love to go.

We did have time. We went to Coeur d’Alene and had dinner, and then we even trekked onward to Montana! We stopped, had coffee, talked with an elderly native Montanan (sure, that’s right. Montanans call themselves that).

A few weeks later, I made it through Delaware (imagine, I’ve never been!) on my way to NYC. Done.

Minnesota, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Delaware. Considered yourselves checked off. Only 12 states left…

In the continental U.S.


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