#5 & 6: Trash + Craft = Art (maybe?)

Some time ago, my sister gave me a Christie’s Gallery catalogue of paintings.  It was perfect to cut up and use in craft projects, so when I moved into my house and I found a nail on my sad little bathroom wall, I decided that I would put up a picture from the catalogue.  I thought, “This will make the bathroom look classy.” So I cut out a painting that reminded me of Baltimore, and that went with the colors in the room. Uunnnnnfortunately, it ended up looking like this:
It didn’t really fit in the picture frame. One would most likely guess that it was the bathroom of a 75-year-old cat lady, rather than an early-twenties Oliver. And it made the sad little empty wall even more sad with an inappropriately-sized, obviously cut out from a catalogue, painting.  After several weeks, I decided to cut up the painting and incorporate it into a random, collaged-up piece of artwork from trash, inserts from both church and Urban Outfitters, and soap boxes:
Maybe not the best thing on earth, but it’s getting there!
Sad wall = a little happier these days!

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