#17: Write My Thesis

It’s almost time for my last semester of graduate school and I need to talk about the big-black-thesis-cloud that has been hanging over my head for the last year. I have 4 months to make the plans, conduct the research, and write the mother-crapper so I can graduate in December.

Here’s the kicker. I am not required to write a thesis. In a fit of ambition and stupidity, I decided to register for the 9 extra credits required to pursue counseling licensure (not required), and write a Masters Thesis (also not required). My classmates finished their internships, fulfilled their class-requirements and graduated in May.

What I want to do is design and conduct a grief counseling group for middle school girls. As a part of the curriculum, the girls will design and make a quilt block related to each session topic, and by the end of the group, they will each have enough blocks to assemble a blanket. I have it all planned out in my head, and I’ve done research on grief groups, and on art as therapy, and on grief groups using art as therapy. I think it could be really fun for me and meaningful to the girls.

I am running into a few walls, though. Please indulge me while I list them (it will make me feel better).

Participants– I’m not sure where I’m going find them. The middle school counselors at my internship site should be able to help me with this. Realistically, I only need 5 girls.

Support– Because the thesis is optional, the counseling department isn’t really prepared to help. They are willing, but they haven’t had a lot of practice. In addition to this, my advisor resigned and they just hired two brand new professors who I haven’t met yet.

Math– I hate it.

Resources– I need to buy supplies to make at least 5 quilts. When I finally meet my professors, I’m going to see if the department has any money for research. The answer will surely be “no,” but it doesn’t hurt to ask. You all might be hearing more about this if I can’t find the funds. (You have been warned.)

4 months and counting. If you don’t see me until December, at least now you know why…


2 thoughts on “#17: Write My Thesis

  1. I think it’s awesome that you’re going the extra mile. Proof that you’ll go the extra mile in your job! Have you tried writing up a brief description and contacting some online fabric shops for donations? You could also ask the local/Lutherlyn quilt guilds. I’m pretty darn sure my friend who is Pres of our local one would hook you up!

    p.s. why does SRU have such a high turn-over rate for Profs?

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