New Kicks.

Every other morning, I would wake up and my knees would hurt. My feet would be throbbing. My neck. My back. All in pain. And I would think, “Is this stupid running crap really worth it? Maybe my body just can’t handle it.”

Finally, a few days ago, my shoes kicked the bucket. I think I bought them in 2006, and I’ve taken them everywhere – every trip around the world that I’ve been on, they’ve been right there with me. But, finally, it happened: I finished a run, and, when I pulled my foot out of the shoe, and a huge chunk of flat, well-worn-out foam came out right along with it. I started examining the soles of the feet, and I realized that two chunks of padding had completely worn out from the soles of the shoes. It was time. I had ignored the massive hole in the right shoe for a good year, but this was the last straw. Time for new kicks.

Unlike Jane, I can’t go out and get Vibrams (I argue that I should sue Vibram for discrimination against people without 5 toes…).  So, after spending a solid hour-and-a-half at the running store downtown, I finally chose them!


The next day, I excitedly took them out for a spin. Unfortunately, I didn’t think about having to break them in….

Yeah, I had to buy special band-aids for the blisters/portions of my body that are now missing because of my new shoes. And I WILL be using that duct tape from now on until I get the new shoes all broken in and ready to go.

On the bright side, fancy band-aids, duct-taped heels, and everything: I ran 9.5 miles yesterday!


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