#16: Water-Ski Barefoot

I don’t know why I’m going to put myself through this.

Water-skiing is probably the single most frustrating/discouraging skill to learn. It’s physically straining; it’s difficult to explain/understand (you really do “just have to get the feel for it”).

And, if at first you don’t succeed, you get water up your butt.

Lord knows how many hours my (saintly) parents spent on this task– pulling me halfway out of the water; retrieving the ski I inevitibly lost in my fall; waiting patiently while I put the ski back on my foot and cried a little; throwing me the rope that I could never reach on my own; straightening the boat; and repeating the whole process over and over and over and over until I gave up or I (finally) learned.

Now, rather than being happy that I can water-ski with little difficulty (and even slalom with moderate difficulty), I’m wondering if anyone would like to take to the task of teaching me how to do it all in my bare feet.


2 thoughts on “#16: Water-Ski Barefoot

  1. You just wanna try out your monkey feet on this task, don’t you??? Hopefully they float, coz you’ll probably lose them on your falls!!!!

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