#15: Own The Beatles Discography on Vinyl

First of all, why is my spell check asking me to correct “Beatles?” The Beatles existed long before you did, spell check, so get with it!

It was my birthday on Tuesday. I am now 26– closer to 30 than 20. Or as Ty put it, “closer to 50 than to my birth.”

Anyway, my brother, who is also a lover of everything Beatles, got me the awesomest (oh come on, spell check!) present: The Beatles Live at the BBC, and a Quarrymen album (the band that would become the Beatles), both on Vinyl!! I’ll even forgive him for wrapping them in a Wal-Mart bag.

In addition to these, I have managed to collect Abbey Road, Sgt. Pepper, and Rubber Soul.

So, in less than four years (yikes), I need to find the following: Please Please Me, Meet The Beatles, A Hard Day’s Night, Beatles for Sale, Help, Revolver, Magical Mystery Tour, The Beatles [The White Album], Yellow Submarine, and Let it Be.

Anyone know of any good record stores?


One thought on “#15: Own The Beatles Discography on Vinyl

  1. Jane: how did I miss your birthday? I’m a loser.
    Also, there are several good record stores in the Purple City. Come. And stay.

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