Friday Foods

At work, we have a tradition called Friday Foods. We read passages of scripture, share our thoughts on it, and then share breakfast! Each week, two people bring in food to share. But, please be aware: people take this seriously. Every week, these two people must bring in different food, and you are judged by others based on what you bring in. So, when I first started my job, I received an email that went something like this:
Email: “Oliver, would you be interested in being put on the next Friday Foods schedule?”
Me: “If people want to eat what I bring…!”
Email: “Trust me, no food goes uneaten on the fourth floor. I won’t put you on the schedule until June.”
So, that was that. I was signed up. And June is here.
Every now and then, it crept into the back of my mind: “I need to come up with a sweet idea for Friday Foods.” I would glance over breakfast recipes, briefly consider bringing in my favorite box of cereal, and then resolve to find a recipe in the near future. Then, it hit me: my favorite thing is coffee. My favorite thing to enjoy with coffee? Baked goods. Alright, scones it is. Blueberry, please.
Ta-da! The phenomenal recipe came from Cook’s Illustrated (which may well become a lifeline during my journey of trying to learn how to bake and cook…otherwise known as not being able to afford to eat out). These ended up not being as dry as normal scones, which is fine with me! Since I was being a little cheap, I used frozen blueberries instead of fresh; however, the frozen blueberries seemed to make the scones even more moist! They were delicious!
Friday Foods? Consider yourself dominated.

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