Twinkle Toes Review

My boy bought me a pair of Vibram Five Fingers for my birthday! Thanks, Mister! If you’re not familiar with Five Fingers (I’ve taken to calling them twinkle toes, or monkey feet), they look a little something like this:

These shoes serve different purposes for different people. Some use them for water sports or paddling, others wear them when they hike. I would imagine they would be good for outdoor yoga. Surely some people wear them solely (no pun intended) because they’re so odd looking.

Mine will be used for running.

We took them for a test run last night, and I think they might be pretty awesome. Here are my reasons why. (If you’re looking for something a little more–um– scientific, you can start with this Wikipedia page on Barefoot Running.)

-First, no socks required!! This is great news for me. I hate socks and everything that comes with them. I hate wearing them. I hate folding them. I hate the bin of partnerless socks in my laundry room. All other things being equal, I would choose these shoes for the sock factor alone.

-I will be the first to admit that this could easily be a placebo effect, BUT the shooting pain that I had been getting in the sides of my feet was GONE when I ran in these shoes.

-Foot science aside, Five Fingers make much more sense based on my own personal shoe-wearing habits. I wear sandals all summer, then switch to ballet flats for the cooler months, and flat boots when the snow gets to be too much. Why would I expect it to be comfortable for me to run in typical running shoes which completely smother my poor feet and surround them with so much other junk?

-Finally, Five Fingers make me feel old school and sort of oddball-trendy at the same time. And, for some reason this is important to me.

Happy Birthday, Feet!!


2 thoughts on “Twinkle Toes Review

  1. Hmmm… I’m having trouble with this band wagon. For me, high fashion is Chaccos and/or Birks (usually the generic versions of above). So, I’m totally the target audience for cool outdoor shoes. But toe shoes? Hmm… I do have arch pain when I run… if my long-term memory serves me correctly. Maybe, just maybe…

  2. Hmmmm…….I’m all into comfort but my toes are used to being next to each other, naked and they like it that way. Tried a pair of “toed” socks once and they were in the garbage post haste. Can’t stand the idea of stuff between the toes! But hey, if your feet feel better, go for it. Yeah, they really do look like monkey feet.

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