Holden Village

#13: Visit Holden Village with Jocelyn– CHECK!

As usual, here is a string of unconnected thoughts.

– Holden Village is a great place to visit. Beautiful wilderness. Interesting people. Delicious food. Unique worship. Patchwork quilts on every bed!

-There are very few things that Holden takes seriously. Hospitality is one. Bread is another. It’s refreshing to see people do really good (and important) work without taking it all too seriously.

-The Holden Village community was one that I could recognize, but it was not my own. It felt familiar, but it wasn’t exact. I recognized people from my own place (Lutherlyn, if you haven’t figured it out)– the laugh of this person, or talents of that person–  but these people weren’t my people. It helped me appreciate Holden, though, knowing that– for someone– every room and bench and tree had a story to tell, like every room and bench and tree at Lutherlyn holds significance for me.

-I am now accepting any and all recipes for quinoa muffins. DELICIOUS!

-Being at Holden made me think about all the ways I spend my time. What things are important? Why do I spend so much time on the meaningless things and leave so little time for the important ones? Even though I know this, why in the world would I spend the last two hours of my life watching the movie Grownups?!

-We need to get the band back together at Good Hope.

-At Holden (especially in the non-summer months) you have to find ways to entertain yourself. For me that looked like this: eat, read, drink tea, nap, weave (no pottery, though, because there wasn’t enough electricity), take a hike, drink more tea, play a few games, take another nap…

Here is an assortment of photos from the week.

Some educational reading from the Holden library. (We read it, too.)

Welcoming the bus. (This happened twice a day.)

This is why snowshoes are important...

Ready for the viewing of the royal wedding! (You can't see my dress, but it's pretty classic.)

Exhibit B.

"Trial" would probably be a little more accurate.


2 thoughts on “Holden Village

  1. Love these! Thanks for posting photos. Glad you had such a good time. You summed it up perfectly about community, identifying parts of it, but that it wasn’t exactly your community. Kind of an odd feeling, and I totally get it.

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