#6 & #7: Get a real job; Sign a lease.

Yes, parents of the world: believe it!  Getting a real job after putzing around for years after college is possible!

After college, I decided that learning and experiences were more important to me than professional development (i.e. what I called getting a job). I moved around a lot: fellowships and internships took me to Colorado, to Washington, D.C., and to Rwanda. And I loved every moment of those experiences. I was blessed to meet unbelievable people with amazing stories. I saw incredible, impossible things become reality, and I extreme sported my way through East Africa.

I came back to the US, and I decided that I needed professional experience now…so I ended up working in retail for 7 months.  But now here I am, finally employed at World Relief, an international humanitarian aid organization. In the US, we work with refugee resettlement. I am blessed to be part of the unit that is in charge of this task, and I have learned an amazing amount, with the help of lots and lots of caffeine!

And this job took me to a new city. I signed my lease 9 days ago, and here I am! In it for the long haul: and ready to put some craftiness to work in my new, extremely under-furnished home! 🙂 (don’t worry, Dad; the bed arrives in the next week or so!).

So, I guess next on the list is #6: Budgeting. …


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