#13: Visit Holden Village with Jocelyn

I haven’t found a good way to describe Holden Village to people who have never heard of it (maybe because I’ve never actually BEEN there), but thankfully, their website paints a nice picture of life at Holden.

I can tell you that my week at Holden will probably look a little something like this: take a hike, throw some pottery, go to worship, eat, take a hike, throw some pottery, go to worship, eat, sleep, repeat.

Can’t wait!


3 thoughts on “#13: Visit Holden Village with Jocelyn

  1. When are you going? I am exceedingly envious. Holden is a wonderful place!
    Travel tip—if possible, pack an extra change of clothing in your carryon. If for some reason your luggage gets lost, it takes a few days to make its way up the mountain to you.
    Just saying.

  2. Good call. I think we’re spending the first few days in Seattle, so that might make luggage retrieval a little easier, but YES, I will do that.

    We are going at the beginning of May (it’s coming quickly)!

    Have you guys been to Holden? Is there anything else we should know?

  3. Todd and I were there a few years before Juli was born.
    Be prepared to eat wonderful bread at every. single. meal. 🙂
    Do the hike to the glacier. Well worth it.
    Todd says to make sure you go to worship every night, so you can get in the line of people walking over for ice cream afterwards.

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