#3 & #4: Quilting Related Goals

This is a great view, isn’t it? Colors. Patterns. Creativity. A brand new sewing machine. That little green light that tells me it’s time to sew. A project in progress.

If you could pan out a little, you would probably see a bowl of homemade Chex-Mix or Buffalo Chicken Dip. And, a mug of  hot chocolate with little gingerbread men marshmallows having a pool party. And, my mom agonizing over her next stitch. (Love you, mommy!)

Panning out a little more would show you a community of creators. At least 50 other women working on 50 other  projects.

I imagine this is what heaven looks like.

I took this at a quilting retreat my mom and I attend a few times a year at one of my favorite places in the world, which I will call “Camp (with a capital C)”. (More on that place some other time.)

As a part of my 30-Before commitment, I want to spend more time in front my sewing machine. Specifically, I want to complete two quilting projects that I have been meaning to work on for several years.

#3: Finally Donate a Quilt to LWR

Lutheran World Relief provides quilts to refugees and others in extreme need. The quilts are used as shade during the hot days, and as warmth in the cold nights. You can find more information about this project (and other ways you can get involved with LWR) here.

As a Lutheran Christian, I hear a lot of talk about my “Offering” being my “time, talents, and treasure.” I can’t think of a better way to use all three to share warmth with someone who needs it on the other side of the world.

#4: Make a Quilt from High School and College T-Shirts

I love free T-Shirts. It’s one of the only reasons I ever participated in anything in college, and it’s THE ONLY reason I ever sign up for a 5K run. There is only one problem with t-shirts, though. Now that I’m a big kid, and I have to wear big kid clothes, these shirts just accumulate in my dresser until I can’t close the drawer, anymore.

T-Shirt Quilts, on the other hand, can be displayed proudly in my living room. They are easy to make. They’re warm and soft. They can be kept forever without getting holes in the armpits! It’s a perfect reuse of something that I’m far too sentimental to throw away.

So, bring on the Buffalo Chicken Dip and turn on the green light. It’s time to sew!



3 thoughts on “#3 & #4: Quilting Related Goals

  1. Love your quilting goals—and I have to say, I can think of a lot of t-shirts we have around here that could be recycled into a big ol’ “Lutherlyn staff shirt quilt.” Hmmm…I’ll have to think about that one.

  2. That WOULD be a big old quilt, wouldn’t it? (Emphasis on the BIG and the OLD. Hehe.) I say– GO FOR IT! 🙂 You should come to the UFO retreat and we can work on them together!

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